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Working with the ATF Team, you will receive highest level of support in every phase of the project, from our initial brainstorming session to managing the project through completion. You will experience the rewards of post and beam construction throughout the entire journey. We work relentlessly, like a dog on a bone, to produce exactly the results you expect, so you are completely satisfied with the results. Ready to get started?

“We were very fortunate to run into Bert back in 2010. We talked about our dream of owning a home in the country with timber elements to it. I’ve come to realize we’ve hit the sweet spot with the layout of the timbers. Everyone remarks when they come in about how good they feel in their presence. It feels like home to us and it was put together with great love and care. We’re very happy that Arrow Timber framing has done their good work in our home”.


“We were happy to have gotten to know Bert better throughout the process and we were left feeling like we had made a new friend. We look forward to many years of enjoyment from Arrow Timber Framing’s craftsmanship. We would highly recommend Arrow for any project you may be considering.”

Doug and Juliana Pearson

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