USA-Crafted Decorative Timber Accents

Beautify your home with timber accents.

Decorative timber accents deliver a rich look and enhance the overall exterior appearance.

Artisan-selected Washington State green Douglas Fir with a light rough-sawn texture.

These small, off-the-shelf, decorative timber accent packages are available for pick up at our manufacturing facility. If you are out of the area, please reach out to us so we can discuss shipping with you.

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Curvy, Sophisticated, and Elegant – with Scroll Detailing

Here are the top three tips to ensure you get an excellent result when planning for beautifying your home with timber accents

1. Elements such as siding accents, colors and timber accentsshould be repeated at least three times to establish a theme. An odd number of elements will appear more balanced.

2. Architecture and design uses strength and elegance as basic building blocks.
As you personalize your style, you will also be using a balance of strength and elegance. This touches all the choices you will make: colors, textures, space, height, volume, lighting, fixtures, etc. With regards to your timber accents, keep this simple rule in mind: straight angular lines represent strength while curves and arches represent elegance.

3. Don’t fall into the ‘make everything equal and symmetrical’ trap.
Acknowledge that beauty and uniqueness can be found in asymmetry. You are welcome to try what I like to call the “fuzzy one-eyed approach.”

Step back from your plans, close one eye, and setting until things look fuzzy. Look at your choices with this faraway perspective – no thoughts about alignment with corners, windows, etc. How do things look as a whole? Do certain spots feel cluttered? Do certain spots feel naked?

Too high? Too narrow? Too cramped? After you’ve identified what you might like for your big picture, zoom in and work with the close-up details. This could also be called the zoom-out/zoom-in method. I will typically go back and forth a number of times to get things right for our clients.

Are you wondering what elements would best fit your project? Would you like to get some design advice? Please feel free to call (360) 687-1868 and ask to speak with someone on the design team. From one timber enthusiast to another, we want to thank you for considering us to help you get what you want!

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