May not be suitable for ages 14 and under. Hester seeks revenge on Leo; Karen takes matters in her own hands; Joe makes a shocking confession to Laura. Netflix have added a science series to their roster this March 2020 with 100 Humans. By Joel Keller @ joelkeller Mar 13, 2020 at 5:00pm Here are some of the best and highest-ranking anime available anime for fans, ranked according to IMDb. Filming & Production Watch Japan Sinks 2020. First the reality competition series The Circle, then they won hearts with Love is Blind and now they give us a reality documentary-series, 100 Humans.As with most shows there is always a … A man is able to choose his own afterlife after his untimely death by having his consciousness uploaded into a virtual world. Was this review helpful to you? For anyone looking for an invigorating and mind-enhancing TV series, look no further than Netflix's latest show 100 Humans. 10 Violet Evergarden (8.4) ... Hajime Isayama’s story about a dystopian world where giant monsters roam the land eating humans while humans have been hunted to near … It also feels like perhaps it actually is building towards a specific future point, rather than just bumbling along and making stuff up as it goes. Netflix managed to put a spin on Sayo Komatsu’s 1973 bestselling sci-fi novel. If you're looking for a new show to pass time while you #stayhome, check out our list of 15 top-rated Netflix series that will help you get through MCO 2.0!From some old-but-gold shows to a few new releases, we've got a variety of genres to cater to different preferences. This post was first published on October 23, 2019.] 6. Marie Kondo's best-selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying : The Japanese Art, comes to life in this uplifting Netflix original series as she visits people's homes to help them declutter and rediscover what "sparks joy" in their lives, while offering clever tips to viewers.Through acts of gratitude and mindfulness, Marie Kondo shows that organisation isn't … Which Cancellations From 2019 Hurt You The Most? Very well made, very well acted, just well-crafted in every way. How has Humans developed the Elster Synth family members to represent various human personalities? If you search for the best Anime on Netflix, One Punch Man will surely be a part of any list. Humans is set in a parallel present where the latest must-have gadget for any busy family is a Synth - a highly-developed robotic servant eerily similar to its live counterpart. Robots no longer have anything robot-like about them. A series gets an Average Tomatometer when at least 50 percent of its seasons have a score. Our Planet (2019) Our Planet is an eight-part nature docuseries produced by Netflix. Hundreds of years from now, surviving humans discover how to send consciousness back through time, into people of the 21st century, while attempting to change the path of humanity. A group of young offenders doing community service get struck by lightning during a storm, and begin to develop superpowers. How does Humans examine the risks of letting machines command our lives' interpersonal roles? Parents strongly cautioned. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. They fear the monsters (called Titans) who live outside the walls and seem to consume humans for mere pleasure. The show 100 Humans is a Netflix Original and was released in 2020. Look back at our favorite moments throughout the year, from award shows to up-close shots of celebrities. 169 of 197 people found this review helpful. IMDb top 250 movies list on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and SonyLIV A credible source of information on Indian and/or foreign cinema – IMDb – … The popularity of an Original can greatly impact the time it takes Netflix to … Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? | It airs March 13. Who's ready to experiment?#SammyObeid #100Humans #NETFLIX When a young couple inherit a farm, they are determined to turn it into a success, but strange supernatural forces soon intervene, threatening their marriage and their lives. New technology and advancements in the field of science have made it ... See full summary ». With this list of top 10 shows on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar, the IMDb list does justice to the most popular offerings of 2020. It is building tension ju-u-u-st right: Creepy, heart rending, asking the big questions about life and love and what constitutes consciousness, in other words it just couldn't be better. The premise revolves around 100 people who go through different experiments on the theme of behavior. She might even be better than humans. May be unsuitable for children ages 14 and under. Parents strongly cautioned. Her plan involves getting … View production, box office, & company info. Humans (TV Series 2015–2018) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Photo: IMDb. 100 Humans is the latest quirky documentary series to hit Netflix and each episode looks into a new experiment. | The show puts some key experiments about human behaviour and nature to the test using, you guessed it, 100 volunteers. In a parallel present the artificial human has come into its own. In the hope of transforming the way they live, one strained suburban family purchases a refurbished synth only to discover that sharing life with a machine has far-reaching and chilling consequences. Netflix. Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, executive producer (24 episodes, 2015-2018), executive producer / producer (16 episodes, 2015-2016), executive producer / executive producer: Matador Film (16 episodes, 2015-2016), executive producer (15 episodes, 2016-2018), makeup artist / trainee makeup artist / hair stylist (16 episodes, 2015-2016), silicone technician: KMFX (8 episodes, 2015), prosthetic makeup designer (8 episodes, 2015), hair supervisor / makeup supervisor (8 episodes, 2016), makeup artist / hair stylist (8 episodes, 2016), special effects contact lens optician (6 episodes, 2016), assistant makeup artist (8 episodes, 2018), hair stylist: dailies / makeup artist: dailies (1 episode, 2015), contact lens technician (1 episode, 2016), special effects contact lens optician (uncredited) (unknown episodes), prosthetic makeup artist (uncredited) (unknown episodes), prosthetics technician (uncredited) (unknown episodes), prosthetic technician (uncredited) (unknown episodes), deputy head of production (24 episodes, 2015-2018), post-production supervisor (16 episodes, 2016-2018), unit manager (uncredited) (unknown episodes), third assistant director (16 episodes, 2015-2016), second assistant director (9 episodes, 2015-2016), crowd second assistant director / floor runner: dailies (8 episodes, 2016-2018), third assistant director (8 episodes, 2015), crowd second assistant director (2 episodes, 2016), second assistant director (6 episodes, 2015), additional second assistant director / additional third assistant director (1 episode, 2016-2018), third assistant director (6 episodes, 2018), first assistant director (5 episodes, 2015-2016), first assistant director (4 episodes, 2016), second assistant director (4 episodes, 2018), second assistant director (2 episodes, 2015), third assistant director (2 episodes, 2015), first assistant director (2 episodes, 2015), third assistant director (2 episodes, 2016), first assistant director (2 episodes, 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2016-2018), camera trainee / camera trainee: b camera (15 episodes, 2016-2018), b camera operator / first assistant camera: a camera / b camera operator: dailies (16 episodes, 2016-2018), gaffer / second unit gaffer (8 episodes, 2015-2016), additional electrician / lighting technician (8 episodes, 2015), second assistant camera (7 episodes, 2018), electrician / gaffer: second unit (8 episodes, 2018), first assistant camera (8 episodes, 2018), first assistant camera: "b" camera (8 episodes, 2018), second assistant camera (6 episodes, 2015), camera trainee: dailies / camera trainee (3 episodes, 2016), steadicam operator / steadicam operator/director of photography: additional photography / super technocrane operator (3 episodes, 2016), focus puller "b" camera (3 episodes, 2016), clapper: loader: b camera (4 episodes, 2016), camera operator: b camera / director of photography: second unit (3 episodes, 2016), first assistant camera: dailies (3 episodes, 2015), steadicam / a camera operator 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