How a personalized carving or wood burning design can add class to your post and beam home.
Having a design burnt into exposed structural beams is a great way to accent your home and lifestyle with a sense of stability and permanence.

A classic example is the date the structure was built. More personalized examples may be your family name, a bible verse, a quote, or an artistic design.

Choosing a quote and location:

When choosing a personalized engraved design, ask yourself, what are my highest priorities?

If resale is a big concern, you may want to go with something universal such as the date of construction, the address or ‘Welcome’ near the front of your home.

However, if resale isn’t a concern for you, the sky’s the limit! Your reflection of taste can actually increase the value of your home to the right buyer as many of them find the personal touch endearing and homey.

Here are some general examples that can spice up any room:

A kitchen could have a cooking quote, a picture of a steaming platter of food or a simple carving of pots and pans.

Quotes about joy, forgiveness and love are powerful statements that make for a happy peaceful home and are fitting in many locations. A versatile expression could be a simple flower or a nature scene. Room titles are another option such as ‘Gathering Room’ or ‘Library’.

Hobbies are subject to change and vary from person to person; however these designs are usually the most fun to look at.

A thimble and needle, a silhouette of your pet, carving of your trophy fish, a galloping horse, etc.

Brainstorm ideas and give yourself time to sort through the choices. It may also help to consult with your timber framer, friends and family!

From conception to reality:

1. Present your idea to a timber framing specialist
2. Use sketches or notes to convey your idea. If you already have an artist/graphics designer you are comfortable with, they can communicate directly with your timber framer.

3. Get a contract to ensure good communication

Your timber framer should provide you with a contract that includes:
a.i. Picture of your expression (if only wording), style, height, spacing and appearance.
a.ii. A picture of the expression’s location within the framework.
a.iii. Whether the expression will be carved or branded.
a.iv. Final price.

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– Bert Sarkkinen