Timber Project Before & Afters

What could your floor plan become?

What is Canvas Prep?

Timbers have an outsized effect on the overall look and feel of your floor plan.

After you’ve received your plans from your architect or builder, a “canvas prep” will examine the plan and make adjustments to bring out a cohesive timber style.

This may involve, but is not limited to, adjustments to rooflines, window placement, roof pitch and wall heights.

In some cases,  you can find ways to save on timbers by reducing the density, and in other cases you can upsize timbers to acheive the most attractive results.

Below are multiple “Before & Afters” which show how original floor plans change into the final floor plan.

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The lower roof pitches on this plan were a great start, but with some arched influence from timbers, increasing the pitch brought a more luxurious and artistic look. This floor plan makes excellent use of visual heirarchy throughout.

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This rustic hybrid timber floor plan started with a sprawling layout, but required some changes to bring out the arched rustic timber style desired. As you can see, adjustments to the garage doors & windows brought a more balanced look complimented by the gables above. The tower did not quite fit the timber style, so it was adjusted to bring more balance with the other parts of the entry and garage.

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The original floor plan already had a Modern design theme to it, but the “modern” was dialed up a notch with accentuated timbers and the changes to the roof lines. This brought the artistic factor up substantially and places it into a high-level of functionality and looks.

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